If you would like to have your artwork displayed in our gallery please consider the following before applying

1. The Gallery shows items which can be hung on the wall such as paintings, photographs, and mixed media.

2. Helper Hub is a unique setting with a certain ambiance. Your pieces will be juried based on how they fit in the space.

3. The Gallery takes 30% of the sale price and handles the sales tax and insurance.

Please contact us for an appointment to review your works. 

Artists on Display: COMING SOON! We will open our doors late summer. Sign-up for our e-newsletter for updates.


Helper Hub desires to promote the amazing works from our local artists.  Many artists, photographers, and sculpters create their pieces here in Helper.  Most are sold through galleries througout the USA and through commissioned contracts.  As their focus is on producing their art, they don't always have consistent open hours to facilitate local foot traffic.  We offer to display and sell their works to anyone who wants to enhance their walls.  Helper Hub will package and ship to anywhere in the world.